Side Lofted Barn



Standard Features

Two 2'x3' Windows, 70" Wide Double Door

As Low As

$95.20 /month

Size Options

Option 8 X 12
Option 10 X 12
Option 10 X 16
Option 10 X 20
Option 12 X 16
Option 12 X 20
Option 12 X 24
Option 12 X 32
Option 12 X 36
Option 12 X 40
Option 14 X 24
Option 14 X 32
Option 14 X 36
Option 14 X 40
Option 16 X 40


Want a wood barn with extra loft storage but have a limited depth site? The wood side lofted barn is the solution to your problem. You get the storage you need but enter along the length of the building. This version comes in 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft widths. The 8ft wide version has a single wood door and no windows, but the larger ones have two 2x3ft windows and a double wood door.

Features Include: 46 inch wood door for 8ft wide buildings 72 inch double door for 10ft and 12ft wide buildings Two-part loft with full width opening No windows in building lengths up to 14ft Two 2x3ft windows in building lengths greater than 14ft Natural Wood Buildings: Includes staining and water sealing the LP Smart Side with Honey Gold Olympic stain. Comes standard on all painted and urethane buildings. Painted Buildings: Includes painting the siding and trim with any of our standard colors. Custom colors are available for an extra charge.